Defining Elopement

If you frequent the social media you’ve probably seen at least a few posts that include a flowy dress, giddy groom, and dreamy forest elopement. Now, this may seem like a far off or airy dream but its really just another choice in your wedding planning.

Elopements have recently become far more common and the taboo of running away to wed is fading away just like my motivation for folding the the basket of laundry behind me. It’s really not running away though, its going TO a beautiful cliffside that you hold special, a favorite forest hike, or a serene lakeside ceremony.

Lets get into it.. I’ll start with what an elopement is NOT. It’s not just a secret ceremony shut off to the world, it’s not being drunk in Vegas and meeting Elvis at the chapel, and it’s not just a quick courthouse marriage. Although these could technically count as eloping, the elopement game is stepping it up.

So what are elopements all about? YOU! They are about you and your partner doing what you both want to do and not catering to other people. It’s about making the commitment of being there for one another, always. They are intimate, dreamy, and adventurous. Its a perfect way to say I do without the stress and to travel to a beautiful location with the love of your life. 

Where does one elope you might ask? Why, anywhere you’d like! It could be in a completely new part of the world you want to explore or in the backyard of your childhood home. The options are endless… parking lot catching your eye?! Done. Wherever you choose, there are countless articles and photographers in the know to help you out.

Elopements can be just the two of you, or they can include your family and a few close friends as well. Pets are also highly encouraged in my book. Inviting people to your elopement is a great opportunity to get those who are close to you out into nature and exploring with you.

Both big weddings and intimate elopements will allow you to tie the knot. Either route you take is an extremely special day and deserves to be treated that way. The question you need to ask yourself is, what matters most? If being surrounded by all your friends and family and a more design oriented look is what your going for, maybe an elopement is not on your path and that’s okay! If after reading this you’re still wanting to take the non traditional and adventurous route, you won’t be disappointed. It’s truly an experience of a lifetime and a journey worth taking.

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Questions? Ask away!