Welcome to my unfolding narrative

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I'm a good ol' MN native and now a PNW adventure junkie. I enjoy long walks in the muddy forest and curating the perfect adventure. True story, I ran away in my diaper once, and have had the drive to explore new places ever since. 

I grew up watching my grandma's joy unfold while she took photos of wildlife and I jumped on that joy ride with her. We spent so many walks observing life blooming around us and its a feeling I continue to chase and capture. My love for nature is deep and my aspirations are to continue to show off its beauty and our connection to it. 

I've always been a quiet observer. This was sometimes strange while growing up, yet listening and watching has allowed me to learn so much and see in new perspectives. I now look back at it as a strength and know what quiet moments are worth. It's so powerful to hold witness.. to witness a story brew out of thin air, to watch light dance across the floor, or to simply be in awe looking out at the world because life is just too damn amazing sometimes. 

So that's why I love being a photographer. I want to capture the world in its truest light and preserve these moments exactly as they are. I want to keep the belly laughs, happy tears, and horrifying dance moves while also keeping up with them. I will be there for grandmas cheek pinches and your best friends booty bumps all the way to the butterflies that flutter as you make your way down the asile.

Is it adventure that calls you? I'm ALL for it! Elopements and intimate weddings are a favorite of mine since we get to romp around the woods and whistle on the hilltops! The taboo of elopements is all in the past and I love to be a guide in helping them take place. Whatever it is- choosing what shoes to wear, a table cloth color, or a destination to marry the love of your life, I will show up for you with 100% of myself and be there with you on the whole journey.

Are you feeling homey? I love hanging out for lifestyle shoots, weather that be at home with your pup and some hot coffee, or playing with your family on your favorite trail. You a boss? Lets capture your brand! Anything goes, laughter will ensue, and I'm on the journey with you!

Lets connect over some tea, drinks, or a good sunset and talk more about what your looking for! 

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