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Hello there!
I'm Laura, a good ol' MN native (op!) and now a PNW adventure junkie. I enjoy long walks in the muddy forest and curating the perfect adventure. True story, I ran away in my diaper once, and have had the drive to explore new places ever since. 

I grew up watching my grandma take photos of wildlife and my family and I have been shooting ever since my mom gave me my first camera in 1st grade to explore the magical realms of disney world. My love for nature is DEEP and I want to capture all its beauty and our connection to it.

If there is anything I love, it is capturing the world in its truest light. I am all for candid shots and those in between moments that seem to slip into infinity in an instant. I want to capture the belly laughs, happy tears, and horrifying dance moves while also keeping up with them. I will be there for grandmas cheek pinches and your best friends booty bumps all the way to the butterflies that flutter as you make your way down the asile.

Is it adventure that calls you? I'm ALL for it! Elopements and intimate weddings are a favorite of mine since we get to romp around the woods and whistle on the hilltops! The taboo of elopements is in the past and I love that couples aren't running away to get married anymore, they are running TO the amazing views. Ohh this makes my heart happy.

I also love a good lifestyle shoot weather that be at home with your pup and some warm coffee, or surrounded by your family on your favorite trail. Anything goes, laughter will ensue, and I'm on the journey with you!

Lets connect over some tea, drinks, or a good sunset and talk more about what your looking for! 

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